செப்டம்பர் 16, 2013

The week that went now

Past is past. Can't return the time machine back to a stage except the memories could travel back and forth. It is just now things happened so far when I thought what happened in the life. A week long without doing my homework to brush up things in a daily life is like mechanical roller who does the rolls every day.

In the last one week, things was so quick than it has been except few that remain the same. So what is happened around? Weather is closing its winter slowly and opening the doors to spring with some sun, wind and rain. Work is demanding more hours as the intermediate training schedule is posted for the managers and we are to manage the place by self. Family is fast approaching to a good closing of pending work to start a new project. Friends are preparing for Diwali, Christmas and New Year Holidays.

When "holidays" came in mind, it reminds me of the old school holidays that everyone of us were excited after the exams. It is like we run around things when the exams get to the close. Likewise, in a year everyone overlook for the year end holidays that extends for a week minimum to almost a month for the businesses.

What we call it as business, it is not the one that does trading everyday, but it also the individual who do have their own style. Some donate their time to spend outdoors like photography compared to indoors who does do some stereotypical work at home. Few others keep on analyzing the futuristic mars, whereas some of them live for the present climate and keep progressing in the way that comes handy.

Though these things happen us every now and then, there are some who just keep watching the tides all the time. So that is their duty of hit list at all times. In the end, peak and off-peak times does happen in each and every task that we do, we see. And not only that, but also there are events that occur all time, every time and so on. Hopefully to catchup with much more clippings. Vvvrrrrooommm...

செப்டம்பர் 09, 2013

Retro Bro

As I had some time to clean up the memory dump in my external disk, I scanned through some of the photos from the past which did occur in my absence back in India such as Engagements, Road trips, Pre and Post Wedding photos to name a few. It is a time travel to see the people how well we were connected to each other having fun and some productivity too.

Not only the photos, but also the video posts that we shared but also the comments that we shared in terms relating to work, college, friends and so on. We have been in the friendship circle for almost 14 years now but still we do not forget anything except few. Even now, we talk over the phone, host some hangouts with some missing and share messages plus photos.

It is not only the college friends, but still we remember our professors and wish them on the Teacher's Day the Sept 5th that reminds the respect that we were taught right from the day when we went to school. They are happy that we remember at least once a year though we may forget other important dates occasionally.

Flashbacks happen everywhere when you are in college or at work or being home with parents, but some cherish those memories quite often by keeping in contact with those people in some way like Facebook (nowadays) to know that you knew them and pat them when things occur and you come across the news feeds.

But some things may not right for others and they keep going of the track making their choice as not to see the sun but hiding themselves under the shadow. We can wake up the sleeping idols, but not the ones they pretend to be sleeping all the time when we knock the visions. It is good to be in touch people in general, else no point in being a human living in a island with just the fact that they live there with no one to share the feelings.

செப்டம்பர் 05, 2013

Green pasture walks up to say hello

It was the week start after two days off and it is a regular week as usual with more joy and wonder unlike the hectic Mondays. Starting to work during the midweek and working up until the weekend makes it easy sometimes, but not good occasionally for the time being.

No wonder the city traffic is over clogged, but still it was a pretty well run around to get pass all these hiccups to reach the office. It was as usual piled up tasks to be completed, sort few uncleared items and on top of that keep updated with the business and team.

I believe that the busy and peppy glues together all the time early afternoon or evening when you might be relaxing in the office to get the mails cleaned up into the assorted folders. Then towards the end of the day, it does get excited that you jump out to reach home to be with the family after a tiring schedule. It keeps motivated to do the best every day and quite often based on the scores, targets, achievements, missed offers etc and so on. I still accept that it is a nice catchup with all necessary points.

செப்டம்பர் 04, 2013

Wonders of a day in Perth

The day at home reminds me of an identical day in Melbourne wherein the forecast says "It is clear, but may be occasional showers in some parts of the city", but actually it was windy, with running showers all around the house.

It was a normal day like any other day off, but with additional counterparts like rattle aluminum windows, shattering trees across the wind directions and pouring water from the sky. The day still tempted for some hot and spicy food to compensate the cold ones outside. So I thought why can't cook some food this afternoon and enjoy them with a movie.

It wrapped up in a quite  nice way with creeping thoughts of week start to work all the way towards the weekend. It is fairly appropriate to make a judgement of what would be on the cards for this month as the schools are re-opened and parents might have thought it is a fairly decent relaxation comparing the same with vacation.

So there may be some surprises awaiting in the door steps overlooking for the delivery person who could drop off my laptop charger which died eventually couple of hours before. More to come on board with fresh thoughts and sweet wonders.

செப்டம்பர் 03, 2013

Assorted Messages

It has been few days as I forgot to ink my thoughts in the colorful world. August was in the dusk, while September was in the limelight over the weekend, there were some good signs of focus towards end of the week.

It was quite surprising when my line manager popped in on last day of the week. He said that the tourist climate washed up his green pastured cruise journey up the air making him to return back quite well before the last date of his travel itinerary.

The local climate was moderate enough for a bike ride or a marathon with the occasional showers, though it was shining well for the weekend shedding the winter waves by pulling the sun out of the cloud.

Texts may be shorter in this context, but they are good enough quick bytes with a coffee on the go. It further deepens while reading a newspaper or writing a reply back to an official email or could be interacting with people.

Movies are for fun and joy, but nowadays releasing them in theaters is getting worse or hanging out in the rumor mill throwing in several stones at the water without knowing the fact that the water splashes at them.

Technology seems to look easy in abstract, then it gets complicated and prepares ourselves towards a complex structure with all aspects and criteria. It would be better to get it right at early stages or it pulls you into a stationary point of dots that makes you running around the bush.

ஆகஸ்ட் 29, 2013

What's on in the midday of the Week?

After two days of lying over the bed, cooking, watching a movie and relaxing bit more with extra sleep it was the first day of my working week wherein it was not really nice, but some refreshing catch-ups.

Drove quiet early to office to see that lot of pending tasks since two days has to be sorted around lunch time before I realize that there is another never ending story is going to take up some space for the second half of the day!. Skim through emails, follow-ups, cleanup unwanted items, unpacking and find some new cool buildup box is ready to changed over.

In the modest of  all this, it is almost the month end to find out where I stand for the uncompleted jobs, paperwork and get ready for another book of surprises or revolutions like a month ago :<. But then it is a seasonal edge from one occasion to another like water in a lily pond they don't touch each other. Similarly these consecutive months are something that goes quite vague and not active as like the rabbit in "Who wins the race - Rabbit or Tortoise?"

To wrap up the day, got some reports to be written to substantiate few points which were not up to the mark and scrap some learning modules to stand up for rest of the month. It is quiet obvious when you come to a conclusion almost towards the end that is the final result whatever you could try to showcase.! So let's compete...

ஆகஸ்ட் 27, 2013

Lazy wrap up on a weekday off

To accomplish the task that was on the cards last night in line to regenerate the liveliness of the blogspot, it was a fresh start for the second day of the week. Groomed up, took a nice shower, had the usual morning breakfast, back on the track was just a part of the morning sunrise.

It was like a typical Sunday, but then it is actually Tuesday and I need to prepare for the rest of the week with a surprise during the weekend. It is a surprise for some time now and it will be quite longer too. So what do I need is get the lunch pack ready for the work as like as a school going kid when mum plans for next day school meal. Jumped up to the cooling master in the left hand corner of the hall cum kitchen and the mushroom was keeping its smiles away from me saying that “You need see me for the past one week and I am fading away from fresh food label !”

Lights flashed up in my mind for the perfect menu (may be or may be not) and yes it is the mushroom fried rice. Returning back to the kitchen area and starting pulling out the ingredients which I looked up on the Internet (Thanks to Sanjeev Kapoor ~) to arrange them on the table for a quick pick. Went through step by step as told, mixed up after few minutes of preparatory work in a pressure cooker with all ingredients hopefully in the expected ratio for a mouth watering food. The end result was not bad, but really great for a first timer with all exactly as is it should be from a expert's kitchen and left for few minutes to cool down.

All set for lunch so far so good served them on a red color plate with the missing fun for my dearie, Mrs Sanjutha. But I have got one portion to be prepared when she is back home. I tasted the rice after adding a spoonful of nicely prepared ghee for a bit of extra taste. It has come out very well, with all the ingredients in the ratio that is not too sour or spicy or lack of any more counterparts except I did not stock the coriander for a leafy smell.

Popped on to the couch to have my lunch and beforehand, I had my budget media center powered up and playing a movie that was recently launched in the theatres couple of weeks ago. I had to pin down few words about the media center which is good for a small home setup. Mid size flat LCD TV hooked up to a full functional PC for a quick and affordable media center based entertainment. Just after the lunch, sent a souring text message to my wife that “You may experience this wonderful surrounding soon...”